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DUI Attorney Los Angeles

Have you been caught drunk driving in LA? If so, you need a competent DUI attorney in Los Angeles to help you. A simple error of judgment can have long-ranging consequences and can put your license at risk. You could lose your job, lose your driver's license, and go to jail. Don't risk your livelihood or your family's lifestyle by going it alone. The Law Offices of David S. Chesley, INC is here to help. We are qualified, competent, and experienced DUI attorneys in Los Angeles.

Get a Fighter in Your Corner

Our DUI expert lawyers know the law inside and out. We know the local courts, judges, and the prosecutors well. We know their style and their tendencies, and we know how to formulate the best possible defense for your particular case. Ultimately, our goal is to get each client the best possible results for his or her circumstances. We're in your corner. Contact us today.

At the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, INC, we put together aggressive DUI defenses for our clients. Remember, you are guilty until proven innocent. Make no mistakes; being arrested for a DUI can be a very scary ordeal. You may not know what to do or what to expect. That's where we can come in. We will protect your constitutional rights, and we will stand up for you.

Was the Stop Lawful?

There are many things we look at when formulating a defense for our clients. First, we need to decide if the stop that led to the DUI was lawful. If the stop the police made was not lawful and violated your constitutional rights, the whole case can be dismissed. If we discover that your stop was unlawful, we can file a motion to litigate that fact in court. The next issue is how you did on your field sobriety test.

Let's Look at the Field Sobriety Test

Many people pass these tests and still get arrested. Other times, people fail the tests when they're not drunk and get arrested. The police often make these tests too complicated, such as having a person walk in a straight line on an uneven street. You also may have prior medical injuries. Still, even if you had a perfect health condition, you still would pass that field sobriety test.

We'll Consider the Station Sobriety Tests

Next, we look at the tests at the station. The alcohol breath machine must be properly calibrated, and we specialize in attacking their reliability. We get the records for those machines and determine if it was working properly the day you received your alcohol breath test.

What Does the Blood Test Show?

We also use a forensic lab to retest your blood to determine whether the preservation, collection or storage of the blood they took from you was done within scientific principle. If it wasn't, we are able to present an aggressive blood defense attack in court to raise a reasonable doubt about exactly what your blood alcohol content was.

If you need a DUI attorney in Los Angeles, contact the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, INC today.

DUI Attorney Los Angeles
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