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Thanks for visiting our site. If you’re here you are likely dealing with the loss of a loved one or looking to plan and protect your assets both for yourself and future generations. Please take time and browse my pages to learn why you need an Estate Planning or Probate attorney that focuses on a long-term relationship with you and your family to better serve each generation of your family when they need it most.

We work with our clients to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Control and protect their property while alive and well.
  • Plan for loved ones if they become disabled.
  • Give their property:
    • To whom they want
    • When they want
    • The way they want
  • Administer their estate through the probate process.
  • Help Your heirs receive what is rightfully theirs.

We also like to understand your financial situation, today, tomorrow and where you plan and dream to reach financially. To help us, we work closely with allied professionals in the financial planning area such as Certified Financial Planner™ professionals (CFP®). Since taxes can be an important issue as well, we may work with tax experts like CPA’s. We believe each family needs a solid group of professionals to protect their assets, goals, wisdom and wealth for each generation.

We also help clients prepare for the worst in terms of medical emergencies by putting together a series of documents that will ensure their designated loved ones have the tools to make medical decisions on their behalf; have access to medical records and can be contacted in the event of an emergency. To do this, most of our clients receive a wallet size card that ensures they can access this important information in times of crisis.

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