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Michigan family law attorney James Kiebel focuses his practice on divorce and all related matters, including child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division. Additionally, we routinely handle paternity actions, adoptions, domestic partnerships, modifications, domestic violence matters and all other matters. We believe that fathers and mothers have equal rights, and we strive to make certain our clients are treated fairly, regardless of gender.

Finding the Legal Strategy that is Right for You

Strategy is a critical component in resolving family law cases. We strategize to succeed. Step one is to listen to each client's concerns, to learn about the client's situation, the client's family and the client's goals for the future. Once we have that information, we will develop a legal strategy that is customized specifically for the client to achieve his or her unique objectives. One-size-fits-all representation simply does not work.

Many divorce and family law matters can be resolved amicably. When appropriate, Attorney Kiebel will work toward a positive resolution through less contentious options such as family mediation or the collaborative law process. We are well-trained in using these techniques to overcome disputes and helping our clients move forward without having to engage in protracted litigation with the other party, which is particularly important when there are children involved.

While we are poised to achieve each client's objective diplomatically, we recognize diplomacy is not always possible. In these cases, we are readily prepared to zealously advocate for our clients. When a client comes to us having been treated unjustly, or when the opposing party declines to engage in reasonable negotiation, we employ our litigation skills to protect our client's interests and help to achieve his or her particular goals.

Personal Attention in Every Case

Our clients work directly with Attorney Kiebel. We understand that family law cases can be very emotional, and we are always sympathetic to the needs of our clients. We take care to provide honest and thoughtful guidance while working hard in pursuit of the best possible outcome. From the beginning of each case and until resolution, our clients find that we are easily accessible. We provide regular progress updates and remain in contact via phone, email and office visits.

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Divorce Law

Divorce is a very personal matter. The outcome of a divorce can have a tremendous impact on the lives of men, women and children for years and even decades after a divorce is finalized. With so much at stake it is crucial to have a lawyer on your side with the experience and resources to protect your interests and work closely with you every step of the way. 

Child Custody Law

The most devastating effects of divorce are not always felt by the divorcing couple, but by their children and families. Not only must children grapple with their parents' split, but they have a whole series of difficult changes to endure, such as new homes and visitation schedules. At Kiebel Law, our lawyers empathize with the parents and children of divorcing families and seek to resolve the question of child care, support, and visitation in a dignified manner, always keeping the best interests of your family in mind.


Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family while opening your heart and your home to a child in need. Many people who want to adopt do not know where to turn or how to begin the adoption process. Working with an attorney who has experience in adoptions of all types will enable you to make decisions about how to proceed and to create a plan that suits your family.

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