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Some criminal offenses can lead to severe charges and lengthy sentences, so having a great criminal lawyer by your side is vital. They can try to minimize the punishment you could get and support you at hearings. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas criminal law attorney, contact Garett T. Ogata.

What kind of offenses fall under criminal law?

It is quite easy to get some mixed up between cases of civil law and criminal law. Generally, criminal cases involve serious charges like rape, murder, illegal drug use or sale, assault, and it’s usually prosecutors making charges against individuals. Civil cases, on the other hand, involve disputes between commercial entities or individuals, such as breach of contract.

At our law office, we handle cases that involve sex crimes like rape or assault, theft crimes, casino markers, drug cases, domestic violence, and DUI charges. Some of these charges are quite serious and can result in lengthy jail sentences if you don’t represent your case correctly. Hence, if you are facing charges for criminal offenses, you must choose a criminal lawyer carefully.

Obviously depending on your case, simply by working with a criminal lawyer doesn’t mean the expert can get you off completely. But the lawyer can work to minimize the sentences. The state has some of the best legal teams working for them to bring charges against you, and so should you to defend your case. If you need a Las Vegas criminal law attorney, contact our law office today.

Why hire a lawyer when I can get a public defender?

By law, if you can’t find your own defense attorney, the state appoints a public defender to your case to argue on your behalf. Their services are free, and they have extensive experience in criminal law cases, so it is an excellent option for those who can’t afford to defend themselves. However, these lawyers are also on lower state-funded salaries and hence may not have the deep incentive to work too hard on your case.

A private criminal lawyer will appreciate the higher fees as a better incentive to work harder on your case and go the extra mile. They also have more to lose if they do a terrible job since winning rates are important for their future clients. The higher investment will be well worth it if they can find a piece of evidence that can shave off years from your sentence!

What to look for in a great criminal lawyer

The most important things are obviously their experience and winning rate. Do they have experience dealing with your specific types of charges in the past? What do their previous clients have to say?

You should also find out about the cost of hiring them. Most law offices will do an initial free consultation to review your case and see how they can assist. Bring a list of your most important questions, and make sure you get clear answers.

Looking for a Las Vegas criminal law attorney? Call us for a free consultation at the law office of Garett. T. Ogata.

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