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Attorney James Kiebel has experience fighting in courts throughout the state of Michigan. He specializes in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law. Contact us to help you today.

Resisting Arrest Felony

Reduced to Attempted Resisting, a Misdemeanor with No Jail

OUI 2nd Offense

Charges Reduced to Impaired Driving

Conspiracy to Manufacture and Deliver Marijuana Felony

Four year felony Diversion under 7411 meaning successful completion of one year probation will result in a dismissal

Possession of Marijuana 3rd Offense Felony

Charges Reduced to Use of Marijuana Minor Misdemeanor

OUI 3rd Felony- Operating Under the Influence 3rd Offense Felony

Charges Reduced to 1st Offense OUI Misdemeanor


No Charges Filed

Assault & Battery 1st Degree

Case Dismissed

Failed to report an Accident & Open Intox

Open Intox Dismissed

3rd OUI, Open Intox - Operating Under the Influence 3rd Offense Felony & Open Intox

Charges Were Reduced to a First Offense Misdemeanor. Open Intox was Dismissed.

2nd DWLS - Driving While License Suspended 2nd Offense Misdemeanor

Charges Were Reduced to Equipment Violation

3rd Offense OWI, DWLS, OPEN INTOX, 3rd Offense Felony Habitual

Reduced to a First Offense OWI. All Other Charges Dismissed.

Felony Probation violation, Felon with a Firearm, Malicious Destruction of Property

Charges Dismissed

OUID, Paraphernalia & DWLS

Reduced to a Careless Driving


Reduced to OWI 1st with No Jail

Poss of Meth, Habitual 4th, Possession of Marijauna Habitual 2nd LIFE OFFENSE

Reduced to Use of Meth 12 Months Probation No Jail

Home Invasion 3rd Degree

Reduced to Disorderly Drunk

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criminal defense, personal injury law

Meet Your Grand Rapids, MI Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury Attorney - James j. kiebel

Grand Rapids Attorney James J. Kiebel founded Kiebel law offices in 2012 after passing the Michigan Bar exam. Grand Rapids Attorney James Kiebel's journey into the practice of law is a unique one.

Attorney Kiebel has been recognized as one of Michigan's Top 40 under 40 Trial Attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers and is rated as one of the top twenty criminal defense attorneys by expertise.com. Attorney

Kiebel was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan.  He graduated from Heritage High School in 1999. His entrepreneurial spirit shined at this time as began operating a car dealership immediately after graduation. However, In 2001 Attorney Kiebel decided that he wanted a new challenge and enrolled in Western Michigan University where he earned Bachelors of Business Administration.

Attorney Kiebel then accepted a job with Stryker Medical in Madison, Wisconsin. However, he always felt a calling to the legal system. Attorney Kiebel then returned to Michigan and attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School on an honors scholarship.

Attorney Kiebel now is the managing partner and sole owner of Kiebel Law Offices.  Attorney Kiebel has built the Kiebel Law Offices around customer satisfaction and the ability to provide top notch service for an affordable rate.