Recent Actual Case Results

Home Invasion 3rd Degree, reduced to disorderly drunk 

Poss of Meth, Habitual 4th, Possession of Marijauna Habitual 2nd LIFE OFFENSE, Reduced to Use of Meth 12 months probation no jail 

OWI III, Reduced to OWI 1st with no jail 

OUID, Paraphanalia & DWLS, Reduced to a careless driving 

Felony Probation violation, Felon with a firearm, Malicious Destruction of property, Charges dismissed 7/24/15

3rd Offense OWI, DWLS, OPEN INTOX, 3rd Offense Felony Habitual, reduced to a first offense OWI. All other charges dismissed. 7/21/15

2nd DWLS - Driving while license suspended 2nd Offense Misdemeanor. Charges were reduced to a Equipment Violation.  7/15/15 

3rd OUI, Open Intox - Operating Under the Influence 3rd Offense Felony & Open Intox- Charges were reduced to a First Offense Misdemeanor. Open Intox was Dismissed. 7/13/15

Failed to report an Accident & Open Intox - Open intox Dismissed 7/10/15

Assault & Battery 1st degree- Case Dismissed 6/29/15

Embezzlement - No Charges filed 6/24/15

OUI 3rd Felony- Operating Under the Influence 3rd Offense Felony- Charges Reduced to 1st Offense OUI Misdemeanor. 6/18/15

Possession of Marijuana 3rd Offense Felony- Charges Reduced to Use of Marijuana minor misdemeanor. 6/17/15

Conspiracy to Manufacture and Deliver Marijuana Felony- Four year felony Diversion under 7411 meaning successful completion of one year probation will result in a dismissal. 6/15/15

OUI 2nd Offense, charges reduced to impaired driving. 6/10/15

Resisting Arrest Felony- Reduced to attempted resisting a misdemeanor with no Jail 6/4/15


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